Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sunny July Low Tide

Well, it was actually two days past the lowest minus tide but I was working so couldn't head to the shore until yesterday. We visited three shoreline areas along Bellingham Bay for a couple of relaxing hours during the low tide.

These photos are part of the Day Two assignment in Riding Bareback.  I did not do it correctly (I missed that I was supposed to capture a shallow depth of field in the assignment) but here are a few of the photos from my Canon Powershot SX40HS set at F2.7.


 Lifeguard chair


And hey, it was a gloriously sunny day and the photos I took made me very happy, and I am learning how to deal with my fancy schmancy camera, so all is good! :)


Cheryl said...

Nice photos. I love the first one. Shallow depth of field is for closeups when you want the background to be blurred. It is not for landscapes at all and if he says differently I'd like to know why. Can't wait to hear more about this class.

Helen Campbell said...

@Cheryl, I got the assignment wrong. Steve clarified for me this morning. I still like my photos regardless!

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