Monday, February 11, 2013


I spent my Sunday visiting my son, and finishing a puzzle in the "rec" room at the place where he's recovering (he's doing well!) from his total hip replacement surgery just over three weeks ago. 

This puzzle was in progress when he arrived at the facility, and we all have worked on it in bits and pieces over the past week and a half he's been here. 

So on Sunday, Jason and I marathon-ed through to finish it! Yay! It was a lovely afternoon. 
And that piece we just couldn't find... actually WAS missing. Right in the middle.

Have a fabulous Monday! 


Jenny said...

It's a good time of year for puzzles and spending time with your son. xo Jenny

Gloria in CA said...

Hi Helen. Looks like it was fun. Glad to hear you and your son enjoyed yourselves.:)

Kim Campbell Radder said...

Look at Jason's big smile! Good to hear he's doing well. Take care, Helen.

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