Tuesday, June 12, 2012

HuMp DaY Haiku - News!

Autumn Mountain
Helen Campbell ©2012 
Now the rush is on!
How much art can I create
by mid-November?

I wanted to share a little bit of news (BIG to me!) I was chosen to display (to sell) my art at the Allied Arts Holiday Arts Festival. I am so excited!  I will be focusing my attention on creating pieces for the show for the time being... after I return from an art conference in Portland.

As you read this, I'm driving to Portland for the ArtforAll 2012 Conference. I've been very active in planning the event, and will also be teaching two classes during the weekend. I'll have fun stories for you, I'm sure, when I return on June 18. 

In the meantime, have a wonderful week! 

I started doing Hump Day Haiku with Carla Sonheim's Silly classes...  and decided as a challenge for myself, I'd continue.  In this process, I have found that creating a haiku (non rhyming poem with 5 - 7 - 5 syllables per line) feeds my soul. I especially like creating them to go with my photos and art. 

Would you like to share a haiku you have written? 

You may include a haiku in the comments, OR you may copy your blog post url (featuring a haiku) and add a link to your blog using Mr. Linky. And consider visiting other contributors blogs to see what they've created and say hello. 


Kim Campbell Radder said...

Again, congratulations! Allied Arts is one of my favorite places to shop pre-Christmas. It's nice when the artists are there with their work and you can chat with them. Hope to see you when I go. Have a great weekend! BTW, I imagine you can create enough art by November to keep yourself and buyers happy.

Cheryl said...

Congrats again on the Allied Arts Holiday Bazaar. You mentioned you'd be showing your art. Actually you're going to be selling your art, right? I don't see a Mr. Linky tool for my haiku.

Rhonda said...

Congratulations Helen! That's super news. Have a wonderful time in Portland. :-)

Gloria said...

Yes, congratulations on the Bazaar Helen. Foremost, have fun. I think you will be able to create lots and lots for the event. Good luck, great Haiku for the event.

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