Saturday, December 3, 2011


On a frosty morning, the flicker comes to call

Mr. Flicker usually pecks at the side of the trees (or house) and scratches through the undergrowth for bugs, so it's a treat to see him "hanging out" at the feeder. This frosty morning he stayed quite a while, hogging the space. The smaller birds were a bit disgruntled, other than the chickadees who flitted to the other side of the feeder not minding he was there. 

Not the best picture, as it was taken through the sliding glass door (the birds refuse to hold still if I try to open the door, silly things!)

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Anonymous said...

I do not like the flickers. We have a metal roof on the house and they like to get up there and make a huge racket...especially very early in the morning! They are a very pretty bird though. Great shot Helen. Hugs xoxo

Teresa said...

Pretty good picture for being through a window. I can't ever get a decent shot through glass.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for stopping by with your bird house. I love your back yard.

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