Monday, September 12, 2011

Weed in a pot

This is fireweed, a plant that likes grows in disturbed areas and burned areas after forest/wild fires. Neighbor was growing in a pot next to the fence a year or so ago (for reasons we never determined) and we had a self seeded start on our side of the fence that was very happily dug up and put into a pot. And it's blooming!

So we'll have seeds and be able to spread some about in certain disturbed areas out back.

Deer love fireweed, although this particular pot is out of their reach (there is a reason for high fences).  A crop out back for them will make some fine dining.We keep them out of the back yard with the fence, but plant with them in mind in front and in the "wild" area. Critters need to eat too.

Macro Monday 


artistamyjo said...

It is a rather pretty plant. We had a deer eating from our apple tree the other morning. I ran for the camera but she was gone.

Kelly_Deal said...

Pretty plant.

LauraX said...

beautiful...I took some photos of fireweed up in the white mountains a month or so ago...they are so beautiful.

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