Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dissapointing Misunderstanding

My daily Om... how does it know? :)

You may be feeling misunderstood today, which could leave you feeling disappointed. Whether this is a result of your having misspoken, or your words and meaning being misconstrued by others, both can have the same emotional and energetic effect on your being. It can become tiring to have to repeatedly shoot arrows in an attempt to hit a small bull's-eye, and if we have not effectively communicated, the energy doesn't immediately return to us. When we make the connection properly, it becomes an energy exchange that can revive us. But you can be sure to recover when you connect to center and then use what you've learned to communicate accurately today.

Sometimes it can seem amazing that we can ever communicate accurately at all. Aside from the inaccuracy of language, we each have filters built from our previous experiences that help us interpret life. The combination of our words, our facial expressions, body language, context, and filters makes it challenging to make sure we are understood. But our chances are much better of hitting the target when we start from the highest part of our selves to consider the recipient of our words before we speak to them sincerely while making eye contact, if possible. Then we have combined heart, mind, and spirit behind the intention before we send it out, and the universe can guide it to the target of understanding. Today being misunderstood can help you focus your whole self in order to express yourself sincerely and accurately.

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