Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gray Day Garden

Have you ever noticed how overcast, gray days give better pictures of the garden? ;)

The bird bath garden is at the bottom of the steps leading to the green house. Strawberry plant is at the green house door... and I love how it's creeping over the rock path.


Cheryl said...

The reason the colors are more saturated is because the sun isn't leaching the color from your eyes, film, camera, etc. I was a photographer for many years. A film camera photographer. I studied the effect of light, shutter speed, and aperture for years. Now that I have a digital SLR I basically have to learn how the camera works to capture the effect I'm used to. It's a whole different animal.

HHCampbell said...

And I just take pictures not having a clue about technical stuff. :)

I was thinking that being a gray day has it's advantages... it was a bit cold and damp out in the garden, however the pictures come out better so it all works out.

I am going to take a class in digital photography one of these days and learn how to do cool stuff. :)

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