Saturday, November 14, 2009

Birds at the feeder

I'm sitting here working on a flyer for a project... and watching the birds come to the suet feeder outside the window. In the last half hour here's what I've seen:

My favorite black capped chickadee. I adore chickadees. I had fun watching the parents bring the babies to learn how to feed this summer, and just love seeing them about the yard all year.

A flock of bushtits. They are so cute! They were sitting in the weeping beech tree and one came over to check it out. Flew back and they all came over to crowd around. There were seven on the feeder at once. It's an upside down feeder, designed to keep the starlings away, and there's only one side for them to cling. They come through occasionally, so it's fun when I'm at the window to catch their antics.

Ruby crowned kinglet was here yesterday too. I couldn't figure out what he was without going to the bird book, and John knew by my description. (Isn't he amazing?)

Juncos are all over the yard this time of year, hopping around the deck and planters and right up to the window. I don't see them often at the suet feeder so it was a treat this morning.

Note the pictures are borrowed from The Cornell Lab of Ornithology - All about Birds

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Cheryl said...

I am so happy every time I see you've posted a comment on my blog. Thank you for that. I miss you. Your crooked little smile. Your soft brown eyes. Your tender heart. The birds are lucky to be in your yard.

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