Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Good Day!

Had a wonderful day today! Started out by delivering all the birthday messages to Jason. For the record, I don't believe I'm old enough to have a son his age! :)

Did some shopping at the Farmers Market; visited the Art Festival downtown and "bumped into" my niece Megan and grand niece Mina, and watched Mina create a lovely multicolored salmon.

Went to the Harry Potter movie with Jason and John; was forced (it was all Jason's idea) to eat popcorn. Then we all met Megan and Mina for pizza and cupcakes and singing Happy Birthday to Jason. It was such a lovely evening. An overall good day.

*Happy sigh*

1 comment:

Runner Gurl said...

It sounds downright wonderful!

Did you get a picture of Mina's salmon? I'd love to see it.

: )

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