Friday, June 12, 2009

Camping Adventures

We decided to take our little motorhome out for a couple of days camping this week during my time off, and went to Birch Bay State Park. Not far away. Sunshine! Warmth! Gorgeous sunsets. Fullish moon. And low tides for mid-day clamming. We hadn't been clamming since I can't remember when. I forgot to get my shell fish license, so we could only get John's limit... 40 clams is enough to steam and eat with a buttery wine broth. And we did.

Took a walk on the nature trail, wandered the beach, looking under rocks for creatures. Sat under the variety of trees at the campsite... cedar, douglas fir, big leaf maple, alder, vine maple. With lots of shrubs... salmon berry, snow berry, nine bark...
Did you know that when you sit in the growing twilight, you are better able to see the faces in the bark of the trees. We wished we had more time to just sit and be.

So our little motorhome decided to help out. It wouldn't start when we were ready to go. Tried to jump start it... no luck. The starter went out, so AAA towing came and rescued us, and brought us back to town to our favorite RV place. Our trip ended with taking the bus home with a small bag of necessities (makeup bag, face stuff, books we're reading...necessities!)

Hubby joked that he plans only the funnest adventures for us. Which he does. Laughing through the whole thing was good for us both.

And when we were home, we discovered all the things we needed that were still in the motorhome... bread, tomatoes for salad, the remainder of the fresh fruit, vitamins, pajamas, my half bottle of wine...

I love to go camping. It's always an adventure, one way or the other. ;)

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Runner Gurl said...

I'm glad you were able to laugh through the challenges.
: )

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.... thank goodness for Triple A!


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