Sunday, April 12, 2009

April 11

How I spent Jen's birthday:
Slept in until 8:00 (she would have probably slept longer)
Sat around in my jammies drinking tea until 11:00, harassing Jason and Calvin as needed.
Went down to the Farmers Market to assist hubby who was tending the NWF Community Habitat Certification booth... (which was right next to our soap lady)
At said Farmers Market, purchased soap and new lotion bar in one of my favorite scents, Morning Sun from Good Natured Earthling; bought Tea from new vendor, Sip-T, Misfit Bliss and Wicked Thicket (OMG, it's awesome tea, Jen!); and bought a big pot of catnip for Calvin.
Left John at Market and went to the two downtown used book stores, and found The Art of Happiness for our book group.
Found book to read at downtown library
After market closed, went with John to Chuckanut Brewery for a bite and brew (loved their Kolsch and the yam fries)
Came home and attempted to do some art, but muse deserted me, so vegged with said library book the rest of the evening, still harassing Jason and Calvin as needed.

Happy Birthday Jen. I miss you.


Runner Gurl said...

Happy birthday, Jen.

chicosjulie said...

oh my sister. you touch my heart!

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