Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's always something

We've gone from cold snowy weather, to just-warm-enough-for-rain weather. And combined with the melting snow, we're flooding in Whatcom County. We are driving through water to get in and out of our subdivision, the creek is now flowing across the road. Our house and yard are doing fine... just a bit soggier than usual. Luckily this is around the corner from us...

Between being somewhat housebound with the snow, and then days on end of rain, I'm getting a bit stir crazy. I can't seem to focus on doing anything, even my art. It will all get better... and drier... soon.

I wish we could just get in the motorhome and head for sunshine; surely there is sunshine somewhere. Can you imagine just driving until you found it? We actually did that one winter several years ago, found some lovely sun on the southern Oregon coast. It was quite wonderful. Sigh!

I'm imagining sunny crocus in the garden... :)

1 comment:

Runner Gurl said...

The yellow crocus picture gives me hope! Also, it is lighter a little later in the evening.... that is a hopeful sign of things to come too.

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