Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Making Art and surviving

The holidays are being hard this year. I keep seeing things that Jen would love, and it makes me sad. Decorating reminds me of when she was here playing with us, and it makes me sad. It's hard not to be teary all the time.

I've visited with my sister Julie a few times this past month, and have her hooked on Artist Trading Cards now too. We haul our art supplies back and forth and play! Last time I was down I brought her some beeswax and paper napkins and we had fun creating. This ATC is one I made when we were together recently.

This chunky page was created for Els in a Play it Forward swap… the larger envelope has a John Muir quote folded up and tucked in it, the smaller a leaf charm.


Runner Gurl said...

I am continually inspired by, and in awe of, your gentle-strength & loving heart.

I want you to know that I consider your friendship and your presence in my life nothing short of a beautiful, beautiful gift.


chicosjulie said...

oh my sweet sister. my eyes are leaking ...

I know you feel her with you often. You know she loved you Helen. She really, really loved you.

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