Thursday, October 9, 2008


There was frost on the roof this morning, but luckily it didn't get low enough to nip my flowers. My nasturtiums are in full bloom and crawling all over the garden which is just how I like it. And the Autumn crocus are blooming. It's incredible how many there are... they spread a bit each year. How lovely! They are so cheerful, I want them to last! I'll have to get better pictures tomorrow... but this shows some of the crocus.

Our world traveler made it home safely from his England trip. Jason had a good time and found himself a few treasures. Interestingly, he came home with two tins of tea for me, from Ahmad of London... the same brand as on a tea pot of Jen's I ended up with, although he didn't know that when he bought the tins. I believe he has a new guardian angel. :)
He's becoming quite the photographer... this picture of Stonehenge is one of my favorites.

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