Sunday, April 20, 2008


I can't even begin to describe how totally incredible an experience Artfest was for me. I shared House 15 with 9 wonderful loving people! We had pajama parties to share our day with each other every night.

My first class was with Misty Mawn. It was fast paced and I learned a lot that keeps coming back to me as time goes on. I loved her demos, very clear each step of the way. Second day was with Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch, a pouring frensy. Fun and messy and I made a new friend... my table mate from Seattle area. Lynn Perella was the final day, and was an incredible teacher. The picture is from that class... a very cool process and painted on red rosin paper. And I made another friend to stay in touch with from Colorado.
Did I mention the trades? Wednesday night at dinner is the official trading place, apparently. It was indeed a chaotic fun time. Many wonderful trades, and it was fun to see at home how many were from folks who ended up in my classes.
I will be going next year, and our House 15 will request we be together again. It was a kick... and apparently not all houses are as friendly. One of our neighbors came up to us the last morning saying she had been watching us have our pajama parties from her upstairs room, wishing she could join us. :)
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